Toxic Torts & Environmental Law

What Is Toxic Tort Litigation?

Muller & Mannix, PLLC. are specialists in Toxic Tort Litigation. Their litigation team has vast experience in a host of environmental, pharmaceutical, drug and work exposure cases. There are numerous sources of environmental contamination, including gas stations, machine shops, chemical plants, production facilities, chemical waste storage facilities and landfills. The attorneys at Muller & Mannix are extremely willing and able to take on the tough cases and their legal team have successfully prosecuted cases against some of the largest companies in the world, including Exxon Mobil Company. Muller & Mannix have experience in cases involving personal injury and property damage from water well contamination, contamination of your home or property from toxic chemicals, loss of business and income from environmental contamination from adjoining properties and business, landfill contamination from improper landfill closure, gasoline or oil spills from gas stations on the ground surface affecting surface water or from leaking underground fuel tanks affecting ground water quality, and permanent and debilitating brain injuries from lead paint exposure.

Toxic torts arise in several contexts. If you have had an injury or adverse reaction to exposure from chemicals from pharmaceuticals or drugs, from gasoline or petroleum, from asbestos, or from environmental exposure in the home or at work. Unlike the general population, which is exposed to trace amounts of thousands of different chemicals in the environment, industrial workers are regularly exposed to much higher levels of chemicals and therefore have a greater risk of developing disease from particular chemical exposures than the general population. The home has recently become the subject of toxic tort litigation, often from mold contamination or from construction materials such as formaldehyde-treated wood and carpet. Toxic tort cases also arise when people are exposed to consumer products such as pesticides and suffer injury. Environmental toxins can be in the air that you breathe or in your drinking water from contamination of your water well caused by a gasoline or petroleum spill or from the municipal salting of your streets.

What are Some Common Chemicals That Can Injure You?

Some common chemicals that have been known to cause injuries or adverse reactions include volatile organic compounds [VOCs] such as “BTEX” (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene) and Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) which are common constituents of gasoline and petroleum products; lead from lead based paint; pesticides, insecticides and herbicides; PCBs; asbestos; silica; manganese; and formaldehyde.

What Damages or Injuries Can These Chemicals Cause?

These types of chemicals, and other toxic chemicals, can cause serious personal injuries such as aplastic anemia (a condition where bone marrow does not produce sufficient cells to replenish your blood cells); asbestosis (a chronic inflammatory and fibrotic medical condition affecting the lungs); berylliosis (a chronic allergic-type lung response and chronic lung disease); byssinosis (called "brown lung disease" or "Monday fever", is caused by exposure to cotton dust in inadequately ventilated working environment); Hodgkin’s disease (a cancer originating from white blood cells); interstitial lung disease; Leukemia; Lymphoma; Manganism; Mesothelioma; Multiple myeloma (also known as plasma cell myeloma or Kahler's disease); cancer; Pneumoconiosis (an occupational lung disease and a restrictive lung disease caused by the inhalation of certain types of dust particles); Sarcoidosis; Silicosis; Thrombocytopenic purpura (a reduction in circulating blood platelets) and permanent damage to the central nervous system from exposure to petroleum or gasoline fumes.

In addition to causing you serious, lasting and permanent physical harm, these chemicals can pollute your drinking water, contaminate your land, home and real property, cause a severe loss or depreciation in the value of your land, home or real property, and cause you to lose time an money from work and a loss of personal or business income.

What To Do When Your are Exposed To Toxic Chemicals?

Contact the legal team at Muller & Mannix immediately for a private and confidential review of your potential claim if you or a loved one suspects that you have suffered an injury, disease, disability, adverse reaction to chemicals or a toxic environmental condition, or if your land, real property, home or business has been damaged from the discharge or spill of chemicals used by some other person, company or corporation.