Criminal Defense

When you or a loved one is charged with a crime, it is a terrifying experience. Even if you are certain that you have done nothing wrong, it is often impossible to merely talk your way out of the criminal charges. Trying to talk with the police can only make things worse.

You need an aggressive and skilled defense team to handle your criminal case. At Muller & Mannix, our attorneys have the experience that you need to represent you in the criminal court system.

Muller & Mannix has handled some of the highest profile criminal cases in the Capital District Area, including cases involving charges of murder, attempted murder, criminally negligent homicide, kidnaping, assault, rape, sexual abuse, sex offenses, white collar crimes, embezzlement, fraud, theft, larceny, drug charges, criminal possession of controlled substances, criminal sale of controlled substances, resisting arrest, unlawful imprisonment, harassment, and driving while intoxicated and driving while impaired.

The legal team at Muller & Mannix, PLLC. will aggressively represent you throughout all stages of your criminal case, including from the investigation to arrest, from the arraignment and a bail hearing, during discovery and omnibus motions to dismiss, during suppression and preclusion motions, during preliminary and pre-trial hearings, and throughout the final jury trial of your case. Our legal team represents juveniles and adults. We provide comprehensive criminal defense services in both the state and federal courts.

Hiring the wrong criminal defense lawyer can affect the rest of your life. To schedule a prompt and confidential consultation with a lawyer call the legal team at Muller & Mannix at 518-793-6238 or contact us online.