Traffic Offenses

The law offices of Muller & Mannix specializes in traffic law, and in particular, helping you get your traffic tickets dismissed or substantially reduced. The Law Offices of Muller & Mannix has a reputation for excellence and is dedicated to serving our clients with any given legal situation in Upstate New York. At Muller & Mannix, your legal team will help you with your speeding tickets, red light tickets, seatbelt tickets [now 3 point violations], driving with a suspended license, aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle; DUI Offense and DWI Offense, driving while intoxicated by drugs [including prescription medication], hit and run accidents, leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving, Department of Motor Vehicle hearings.

Traffic tickets will make your insurance rates go up substantially and you may even lose your license with enough points on your record. It's important to fight every traffic ticket since each ticket on your record has an impact.

Why Hire An Experienced New York Traffic Ticket Attorney?

If you are like most people, you are probably not familiar with the language and procedures involved in traffic court. This lack of knowledge and experience places you at a distinct disadvantage. You are likely to be faced in Court with a prosecuting attorney, District Attorney or a police officer, who has been to traffic court on numerous occasions and knows how to present his or her case well. We can drastically increase your chances of winning your case. We are highly experienced with New York traffic laws as well as court rules and procedures and can present a much more compelling case on your behalf. That's why you need to hire our legal team at Muller & Mannix.

Your legal team at Muller & Mannix will strive to make your litigation process as easy and efficient as possible. We move quickly to resolve any given situation in a successful, cost-effective manner. All cases are under the direct supervision of Mike Muller and Dan Mannix. The highly professional, reliable and efficient staff is committed to making the legal experience a positive one.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Muller & Mannix are uniquely equipped to deal with a variety of traffic infractions, from minor infractions to serious moving violations and traffic misdemeanors. If you have been cited for a violation that you believe to be the result of an error, or one in which you were at fault, you can fight your traffic ticket with our legal experience in defending these cases.