Governmental Relations

At Muller & Mannix, we offer our clients a comprehensive, encompassing and full range of assistance with State, Federal, Local [city, town and village] governments from direct lobbying to legislative development to securing appropriations to regulatory affairs to extensive legal services.

Our firm’s strength is its long-standing success in solving our client’s regulatory and governmental relation problems or in securing funding opportunities for clients. Our practice provides clients with substantive expertise in the long-term legislative and regulatory representation of businesses, trade associations, not-for- profits, labor unions, educational institutions and industry in the areas of healthcare, education, law enforcement, employment, disability, and the environment.

At Muller & Mannix, we can help your business succeed by implementing one or more of the following activities:

  • ‚ Monitor legislative, regulatory and judicial issues on the federal and state level;
  • ‚ Identify emerging issues and the potential impact on clients; ‚ Lobby and Advocate before New York State legislature and Administrative Agencies;
  • ‚ Counsel clients in all phases of the state procurement and appropriations process;
  • ‚ Review and analyze legislation and regulations;
  • ‚ Develop policy positions and provide strategic communications and issue management;
  • ‚ Advise Clients on legislative and regulatory strategies;
  • ‚ Facilitate Meetings with State and Local Elected and other High Ranking Officials.

Our services include the monitoring of proposed rules and regulations, representation of our clients in administrative proceedings, assistance in securing licenses, and other forms of regulatory approvals and opinions on compliance with state regulatory requirements. Muller & Mannix has successfully represented clients in license revocation or disciplinary proceedings before various executive agencies. We represent clients in certificate of need proceedings and in connection with examinations and complaints of all types.

If you or your business is having a governmental or regulatory issue, contact the law firm of Muller & Mannix for a private and confidential conference and review of your issues.